Refund Policy

Cases in which to return a product.

There are several instances in which a user may exercise his or her right to return a product. The first of these is because it is defective, in which case PcComponents’ warranty policy would apply. The second is that the specifications of the chosen product are not adapted to its description due to a typographical error. Spanish law also provides for a 14-day trial period in which the user can return a product for not meeting their expectations. In PcComponentes we go one step further and extend this period to 30 days.

How to make a return?

You can make a return to PcComponents in different ways. The simplest of them is filling in the web form that we make available to you for this purpose and a messenger will pick it up at the address you indicate. Another option available is for you to send us the package yourself using the messaging system of your choice.

What is the deadline for returns?

30 days if you have just bought your product, you have received it and you do not want it.
2 years if it is a product that does not work and you need the guarantee.

Who pays the shipping costs when returning?

If it’s a return because you don’t want the product or don’t like it, you have to pay for it yourself.
If the product is faulty and you want the guarantee, Techno Sun will take care of everything.

How long does it take to get my money back?

Since we receive the package of your return, between 2 and 4 working days. If you made the payment by bank transfer or credit card, it will take between one and two more working days due to banking regulations.

How do I get my money back?

Always by the same means you used to pay for your purchase.

How do I return two or more items from the same order?

You will see a panel with all the items in the order. Mark the ones you want to return.

Are there any items that cannot be returned?

Yes, some products cannot be returned. These are personal hygiene products, software and products that have been tailor-made for the buyer or consist of services. Returns of items damaged by use or incomplete will also not be accepted.

How can I make a change?

You can place a new order either after recovering the money from the return, or at any time, since return and new order are separate processes.

How do I return from Ceuta or Melilla?

Due to the special taxation of Ceuta and Melilla, you will have to send us the package by post and pay the shipping costs.

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