Victron Energy Venus OS v2.31 – Various fixes

Victron Energy Venus OS v2.31 – Various fixes

Just now Victron has released version 2.31 of Venus OS – the software which is at the heart of our GX Product range. This version contains bug fixes. Besides fixing them, we have also further improved our quality control processes to further reduce bugs in the future.

Making for a robust connection to VRM and Remote Console

Two of the bug fixes below relate to the stability of the internet connection. Both were what software developers call ‘edge cases’: a problem affecting only some very specific systems or situations.

Obviously, having an extremely robust connection to the internet is very important for these products. Which is why, besides our continuous effort to improve that, I also want to highlight a new feature introduced recently: the auto-reboot function.

The feature will automatically reboot the device when it has not been able to connect to the VRM Portal. Herewith a screenshot of the setting:

Full changelog


  • Fix digital inputs in Venus GX, Octo GX and Maxi GX not working properly (broken in v2.30)
  • Fix summary of scheduled charging missing in the gui (broken in v2.30)
  • Fix WiFi reconnect issue: in some cases; a disconnect/reconnect fails and then it ends up in Failure Mode. If at that same time the GUI menu was left on the WiFi menu; the system would not carry out further reconnect attempts. This is solved: the GUI automatically jumps out of the WiFi menu after 5 minutes of keyboard inactivity. (this issue has been in the software for a long time; it is not new)
  • Fix DNS resolving issue (which lead to loss of Remote Console & VRM connections), that affected systems where one or more of the DHCP advertised (or manually configured) DNS servers didn’t work. Normally, the system would then switch to the other working one; and then -sometimes- did not. Not many computer networks have a non-working DNS server configured; so the good news is that this affected only a small number of installations. Thank you Paul S. & Chris S. for reporting. (broken in v2.30)
  • Add new MultiPlus-II model names
  • Add ModbusTCP registers , 32-bit registers for PV Inverter Energy measurements
  • Fix Automatic system voltage detection not working properly for systems with a MultiPlus Compact that is switched off & has dipswitch 2 set to On. Thank you at Suavek for reporting. (broken in v2.30)

Known issue:

  • On some CANvu GX devices; the digital input & relay does not work. This is being worked on; and expected to be resolved quickly.

How to update?

You can find information about how to install the new version of Venus OS here. For the full changelog, including previous releases, visit Victron Professional.