Victron Energy Venus OS v2.31 – Various fixes

Just now Victron has released version 2.31 of Venus OS – the software which is at the heart of our GX Product range. This version contains bug fixes. Besides fixing them, we have also further improved our quality control processes to further reduce bugs in the future.

Making for a robust connection to VRM and Remote Console

Two of the bug fixes below relate to the stability of the internet connection. Both were what software developers call ‘edge cases’: a problem affecting only some very specific systems or situations.

Obviously, having an extremely robust connection to the internet is very important for these products. Which is why, besides our continuous effort to improve that, I also want to highlight a new feature introduced recently: the auto-reboot function.

The feature will automatically reboot the device when it has not been able to connect to the VRM Portal. Herewith a screenshot of the setting:

Full changelog


  • Fix digital inputs in Venus GX, Octo GX and Maxi GX not working properly (broken in v2.30)
  • Fix summary of scheduled charging missing in the gui (broken in v2.30)
  • Fix WiFi reconnect issue: in some cases; a disconnect/reconnect fails and then it ends up in Failure Mode. If at that same time the GUI menu was left on the WiFi menu; the system would not carry out further reconnect attempts. This is solved: the GUI automatically jumps out of the WiFi menu after 5 minutes of keyboard inactivity. (this issue has been in the software for a long time; it is not new)
  • Fix DNS resolving issue (which lead to loss of Remote Console & VRM connections), that affected systems where one or more of the DHCP advertised (or manually configured) DNS servers didn’t work. Normally, the system would then switch to the other working one; and then -sometimes- did not. Not many computer networks have a non-working DNS server configured; so the good news is that this affected only a small number of installations. Thank you Paul S. & Chris S. for reporting. (broken in v2.30)
  • Add new MultiPlus-II model names
  • Add ModbusTCP registers , 32-bit registers for PV Inverter Energy measurements
  • Fix Automatic system voltage detection not working properly for systems with a MultiPlus Compact that is switched off & has dipswitch 2 set to On. Thank you at Suavek for reporting. (broken in v2.30)

Known issue:

  • On some CANvu GX devices; the digital input & relay does not work. This is being worked on; and expected to be resolved quickly.

How to update?

You can find information about how to install the new version of Venus OS here. For the full changelog, including previous releases, visit Victron Professional.

Trina Solar selected for first project with low carbon bifacial dual-glass modules in France

Trina Solar Co., Ltd. ("Trina Solar" or the "company"), a leading total solutions provider for solar energy, announced today that it will supply 16 MW of special low-carbon footprint bifacial solar panels to EDF Renewables.

EDF Renewables is building up two projects in Aramon (5 MWp) and Saint Pargoire (11MWp). Trina Solar is delivering a total of 44,790 units of its bifacial DUOMAX Twin dual-glass module in its low carbon footprint version, with power outputs ranging from 350 to 365Wp. As a global leader in renewable energy, EDF Renewables covers every sector of expertise, from project development, construction, and operations & maintenance.

These two projects developed under the specific constraints of CRE4.1 and CRE4.2 tenders are the first projects in France using low CO2 bifacial dual-glass modules. Once operational, the PV plants will produce 100% renewable energy covering the consumption of more than 8400 French inhabitants. The plants are spread over approximately 18 hectares property and will avoid the emission of roughly 15,000 tons of CO2 annually over 30 years.

The bifacial DUOMAX Twin dual-glass module features monocrystalline PERC cells and increases total power output through generation from the front and back side, with an additional energy gain of up to 25% depending on albedo and mounting. 1,500V system voltage further reduces BOS costs. Trina Solar's dual-glass technology has been recognized with 26 patents so far. The module’s durable dual-glass structure made with high quality solar glass and encapsulation withstands harsh environmental conditions and protects solar cells from strong humidity, preventing energy loss from PID (potential induced degradation). The product has a wide range of applications and it is compatible with major tracker systems.

Gonzalo de la Viña, Head of Module Business Europe at Trina Solar, says: "We are honoured to have been chosen by EDF Renewables for these two projects in France being developed under the specific constraints of the French CRE4.1 and CRE4.2 tenders using our low carbon bifacial dual-glass monocrystalline PERC modules."

Deliveries of a total 16MW of modules are expected to be completed at the end of the first quarter of 2019.

Image caption: The bifacial DUOMAX Twin dual-glass module impresses with up to 25% additional energy gain, 1,500V system voltage and outstanding durability. 
Image source: Trina Solar

New releases March 2019 – Updated price list of photovoltaic solar energy

At Techno Sun we have updated our solar price list with the latest developments in our products for photovoltaic installations. You can download it and see the new products below.

Price list Retail

Descargar lista de precios 2019

rIn our price list for photovoltaic solar energy products TOP VENTAS (PVP edition) you have the best professional products, with reference prices to the public. You have everything you need for your PV solar installations, from separate components to solution kits for direct self-consumption, with batteries or isolated.

Price list for professionals

Lista de precios con descuentos

As a professional Techno Sun provides you with a price-list that allows professionals to manage competitive costs with premium brands and high performance products. In addition it is possible to benefit from additional improvements for the purchase by volume or recurrent for installers, engineers, distributors and specialized stores. It is possible to obtain the list by contacting us at [email protected] or through our contact chanels.


Novedad: Triple Power Battery

Solax Power battery for self-consumption: TRIPLE POWER BATTERY 4.5kWh and 6.3kWh for X-Hybrid HV

Solax Power's high voltage Triple Power Battery is the optimal solution for compact and intelligent self-consumption solutions. The available models are: SolaX Triple Power T45(4.5kWh) and SolaX Triple Power T63 (6.3kWh), and up to 4 units can be used in series, with the same BMS T-BAT MC0500 unit allowing them to reach up to 25.2kWh of energy.

They are suitable for both self-consumption and off-grid installations. At Techno Sun we have both Triple Power and BMU batteries as well as a range of three-phase hybrid inverters compatible with Solax Power X1-Hybrid and X3-Hybrid high voltage.

Novedad: RESU13 batería solar de litio

New lithium battery LG RESU13: the largest capacity, with the guarantee of LG

The new 13.1kWh RESU13 solar lithium battery represents a new milestone in the RESU range of lithium batteries for isolated or self-consumption. With 13.1kWh, and a DOD discharge capacity of 95%, RESU13 allows up to 12.4kWh to be used. This capacity, combined with the quality and compact design of LG RESU batteries, results in a high-capacity, high-performance battery.

Novedad: panel solar NOVA SPLIT

RED SOLAR 330W NOVA SPLIT CELL: less power loss and better response to shadows

Thanks to its cut cell technology, the polycrystalline solar panel RED SOLAR RED330-144P reduces power losses compared to a conventional panel thanks to its double busbar of shorter circuits. In addition, its excellent behavior with partial shadows avoids losing the entire production.

Paneles de célula cortada: como evitan pérdidas por sombras

New video product news and tutorials in our Youtube channel

Novedades de videos y tutoriales de energía solar en Febrero 2019

Don't miss out on the latest product news, such as the unboxing and video connection of the Solax Power Triple Power Battery. There are also tutorials on how to measure the electrolyte in OPzS batteries or how to configure the Victron VE Configure from the internet.

New Solar Triple Power li-ion lithium batteries from Solax Power

The new Solax Power Triple Power Battery is available in 4.5kWh (Triple Power T45 4.5kWh) and 6.3kWh (Triple Power T636.3kWh). With 6000 cycles 90% DOD and capacity up to 4 units in series (25.2KhW).

In Techno Sun we already have them and we have made a video where we show the unboxing of the product and how the connections are made, you can see it here:

Triple Power batteries allow up to 4 batteries to be used in series. In this way, with the 4.5kWh model we can reach 18kWh. And with the 6.3kWh model, up to 25.2kWh.  A high li-ion storage capacity suitable for both self-consumption installations and offgrid stand-alone installations.

To use the Triple Power it is necessary to have a BMS T-BAT MC0500 unit, with which we can manage up to 4 batteries in series. This unit is necessary even if we are only going to install one battery, as it is the managing brain of the Triple Power.

SolaX Triple Power Techno Sun
T63 and T45

The inverters currently compatible with Triple Power lithium batteries are the Solax Power X1-Hybrid single-phase and Solax Power X3-hybrid three-phase SolaX Power high-voltage inverters. The X1 models can operate from one battery, while in the case of the X3 inverters we will need at least two batteries to operate. Both the X1-Hybrid and X3-Hybrid inverter models have the ability to work in EPS mode, which makes them extremely versatile, and have accessories for zero injection and wifi adapter.

BatteryProtect gets Smart – VICTRON ENERGY

12/24V 65A 100A 225A | 48V 100A

BatteryProtect is one of those smaller but much sought after products, one that is shipped in the many thousands. The latest version now has Victron ‘Smart’ tech.

No more fiddling with wires to program, as the new Smart BatteryProtect uses VictronConnect over Bluetooth to simplify and reduce setup time.

Smart BatteryProtect is used to disconnect a battery from non-essential loads before it is completely discharged (which would damage the battery) or before it has insufficient power left to crank an engine for example.

Product Range

Voltage and current ratings to suit the majority of applications.

Key features

  • Easy programming/setup using VictronConnect.
  • Often used in lithium systems due to low standby current in comparison to a relay.
  • Lithium system remotely controllable disconnect switch.
  • Ideal for vehicles, solar installations, boats and motorhomes.
  • Solid state switching for ignition proof safety and longevity.
  • Lower energy consumption than closing a relay.

Settings options using VictronConnect

Why not try the demo mode in the free VictronConnect app which demonstrates the settings below:

  • Use the Load output toggle switch as a battery isolator.
  • Auto voltage detect or choose from 12V or 24V for the 12-24V models.
  • Choose from a range of presets or user defined vales for under voltage shut down and restart voltages.
  • Choose from 3 modes for load disconnect and alarm settings: Buzzer/LED, Relay or Li-ion modes.
  • Choose lead acid or Li-ion operation
  • Choose from Relay or Buzzer/LED for Alarm Output.
  • Share and/or Save Settings to File.


An affordable, cost-effective, multi-function product. Fit to new systems or upgrade your old ones. Manuals and more at: