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At a time when there were hardly any European companies in the photovoltaic solar energy market, Techno Sun entered the sector and developed the strength and quality of service that has kept it a leader in the distribution of specialized solar photovoltaic material.

Techno Sun was founded in 1976 by Antonio Ramos Beneyto, CEO of the company from its origins to the present day. Focusing on its beginnings in solar applications to provide autonomous energy where the grid did not reach, Techno Sun acquired the experience and knowledge to help emerging professionals bring electricity where it was needed, and develop a long career based on the seriousness and professionalism characteristic of the company, which allowed it to undertake with guarantee for its customers the flourishing market of grid connection at the highest level.

As a Techno Sun distributor, it has been selected by the most important manufacturers in the sector, providing its customers with a range of first class photovoltaic modules from manufacturers such as Kyocera, Panasonic or Kaneka, always looking for the highest quality and the best Japanese manufacturers, leading producers of the most efficient solar technologies. Thanks to this, Techno Sun was able to provide its customers with access to the three most relevant technologies on the market (polycrystalline, monocrystalline and amorphous silicon).

In view of the exponential growth of the market and the need of its clients to have a greater volume of production and range of costs, Techno Sun expanded its catalogue with European manufacturers such as REC and Asian manufacturers such as Suntech Power, always with the levels of quality that Techno Sun has maintained in its trajectory. Also, as a distributor of photovoltaic inverters also distributes the largest manufacturers in the market such as Xantrex (now part of the large group Schneider Electric, and distributed by Techno Sun from its origins as Trace Engineering and Heart Interface), SMA, Danfoss or Sunways, in addition to a range of small and medium both wind and solar pumping.

With a European focus from its inception, Techno Sun stands out as a leader in Spain and a growing presence in Italy, Germany, France and England, in addition to acting punctually in Africa, Saudi Arabia and Latin America. As wholesale distributors the Techno Sun market has always been wholesale distribution, sales to installers, architects, department stores and large electricity production companies, with more than 30mW installed by our customers thanks to our commercial network.

Today, Techno Sun stands out as a leader in quality and service in specialized distribution, and a strong expansion and reinforcement in historical and emerging markets, in order to continue offering the highest level in the European solar photovoltaic sector.

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