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Solar modules: Kyocera KC Series | Kyocera KD135SX-1PU-2P

Kyocera KC Series | Kyocera KD135SX-1PU-2P

Ref. 489.01.01.KD135SX-1PU

Kyocera KD Series, polycristalline
of high output

Thanks to the intensive research and the continuous development of highly automated processes of production and manufacturing; Kyocera policrystalline modules offer an extraordinary level of quality and output. The incorporated Kyocera solar cells with standard measures of 156mm x 156mm, reach an output of 16%. They guarantee a high energy production in photovoltaic installations.


  • Stand alone solutions (electricity for isolated homes, summer houses, farms)
  • Electrical supply for isolated towns and medical installations in rural regions and development areas.
  • Supply for emergencies, civil protection etc.
  • Pump systems (supply of potable water and irrigation)
  • Telecommunications (mobile telephone networks, amplification centrals, etc.)

Kyocera´s commitment

Kyocera manufactures photovoltaic modules since 1975.
It is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of polycristalline modules.

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